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PostSubject: Patience   Patience I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 16, 2010 3:36 am


I just wanted to make a post about were we stand at the moment and what we are planning and so on.

Firstly I will apologise if I have been a little short again this week. I am working my arse off at the moment to try and ensure that we are in a stable potition with this shit whole of an ava map. Its starting to effect my rl too so hoping it sorts out soon so I can chill out a little. Again I am sat on work looking at tacts and the forums and anything I can to help us out (I was also an hour late due to beig up so late for the past week)

I will start with the alliance and were we currently stand with it.

I would first like to urge people to support us a little in this. Setting up an alliance isn’t an easy task and we have all worked hard since our creation to get to a point where the likes of EinHajar who are map winning want to join us. If we come across as being moaning little bitches it will not reflect all of your hard work. In regards to the alliance name ‘O.o’ its really not that bad guys and if you don’t like it please just support us in the choice. Between the two alliances we have over 100 members, it isn’t going to be possible to keep every one of these happy, im not a huge fan of it either but… who cares what it is when we pewn of the battlefield.

We are now going to be using ts3 rather than vent. Again we had people complain about this and whisper both zulsh and I. The reason we are using this is because it is damn expensive to get a vent that can hold the whole alliance and im sure you guys wouldn’t want to fork out the money for it. Releah has been kind enough to use £20.00 of his personal money each month to get the ts server for us. I know it’s a pain in the arse to download but it’s a way we can all easily communicate. Its not actually that bad a system and you can have fun creating profiles and shiz.

Ava is obviously a crock of shit at the moment and damn stressful. We are very much a developing agency and very much the newest of all the agencies on the map at the moment. As a result the guys we are fighting have at least another 1 month of working with each other and learning tactics. I am desperately trying to learn faster and develop to be able to lead better but please be patient with me. I will make mistakes but I will deal with the fall back on those. SF 1 and 2 will be leaderless for a few nights soon when both asegeir and I go over to the ein guys to listen to how they do things and see if we can pick anything up. Don’t worry asegeir and I wont be going on the same days so we will have at least one sf leader on our side.

I know there is a lot of waiting around at the moment in ava but unfortunately it goes with the territory (like what I did there eh? Lol) We will try and sort out scrims and the such like last night but sf1 can also see the problem with that in we didn’t have any gear in the dropship when we defended. But we will sort this.

In terms of were we are as an agency at the moment….we are strong. We are putting a hold on recruitment and will be removing some of the inactive players from the agency. This is so we can try and get 3 strong sf up with some reserves that we can swap in from day to day. Please can you try and understand how hard it is to organise all of this and I completely understand how hard all of you guys are working too and I couldn’t be happier for the drive and ambition and commitment all of you guys have!

I will do as much as I physically can to answer any of your questions and push us forward and Zulsh, and asegeir will be doing the same!

Please feel free to post your thoughts worries and comments here and I will endeavour to answer them fully.


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