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PostSubject: MrShazbots Opinions    MrShazbots Opinions  I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 28, 2010 4:54 pm

The following is my personal opinion and subject to discussion:
3 important aspects of healing
Target switching
Self-health management
Class/skill prioritization

Target switching
Target switching is extremely important to master as a medic. As you know, once you start healing a friendly target his name goes green. What this means is that you are now *locked* on to this target until you either 1. Stop healing or 2. Face the opposite direction from your target. This is a big problem when trying to heal multiple targets with your medic gun. If you master correctly target switching then your healing will definitely improve.

My favorite way to fight against this * forced target locking* is to switch from left click/right click. Every time I’m healing multiple targets I am always switching Left/Right non-stop like a mad man. This stops the target lock and heals who ever you’re aiming at.

A big drawback to this method is that you will run out of energy fairly quick. So make sure you SAVE YOUR OFF-HANDS for that time. This should buy you time to regenerate your power pool.

Self-health management
A medic will probably die before anyone else since they are *high priority targets* for the enemy team. This means to be a good medic, you not only do you have to manage everyone else’s health. You have to manage your own as well. ONCE THE MEDIC DIES, EVERYONE AROUND THE POINT WILL SLOWLY DIE. So part of your job is to stay alive.

This sometimes might mean running away from all of your team-mates and quickly running back to rescue any remaining teammates. Sometimes you don’t even have to run away. Just jet pack to the other side of the room or into another group of people.

I highly recommend to any NEW medic that has a high death ratio to take the off-hand “Regeneration”. This should help you survive during very heated moments and lets you focus on healing the team. Once you master self-survivability you may replace Regeneration for another off-hand.

Class/Skill prioritization
Yes, even medics have to prioritize who to heal during heated fights. This is mine:
1. OTHER HEALERS ( A.K.A Cross-healing)
2. Assaults
3. Robos/Recons
Of course there are exceptions, like example: a Recon or Robo is trying to take down a *high priority target* like a turret.

Even if a recon is flashing his medic signs in your face and cursing at you in chat. If he is not skilled and will most likely just run straight back into danger. HE WILL MOST LIKELY drain your power pool and the assaults will probably drop even quicker. But of course this is only during very very heated times! This also does not mean never heal a Robo/Recon lol. That’s just fucking mean.

Side notes
Boost Healing gun and Multi-boost beam gun: These are only useful in PvE games since AI does not prioritize medics. In any PvP games it will only be useful if the enemy team never targets you. Your survivability is heavily reduced when not using the Bio-feedback gun.

Pain gun: it causes a lot of pain.

Poison Medic: don’t
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MrShazbots Opinions
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