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 Strikeforce Rules and Info.

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Strikeforce Rules and Info. Empty
PostSubject: Strikeforce Rules and Info.   Strikeforce Rules and Info. I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 10, 2010 6:48 pm

Ok so this is how we work

We AvA on the following days currently at 7pm GMT Officially
(Unofficial Sf's may be produced at anytime if led or consultation has been made to Zulsherz or an Officer)

- You are to signup to the newest Strikeforce available.
- The Officers and whoever they feel relevant will then discuss setups and the objectives for the Strikeforce set for that week.
- The lineup will be chosen and produced every Sunday. Players will then be confirmed on a list in the Strikeforce topics (These will be dated and run for a week!)
- Only players who signup for they're strikeforces will consistently be chosen to participate in AvA. (Small changes may occur between all Sf's)
-Players who are confirmed but do not turnup for AvA will then be used and abused for the remainder of the week. You are effectively irrelivant. Aka Nothing!
Other players will be chosen over you and given oppertunities to participate and learn with thier fellow Agency members.

These are basic Guildlines covering the following weeks AvA and are subject to change. Please check for updates as no excuse or appologies will be given for negligance on your belhalf as regards reading up.
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Strikeforce Rules and Info.
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