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 OSIRIS-What we are all about.

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OSIRIS-What we are all about. Empty
PostSubject: OSIRIS-What we are all about.   OSIRIS-What we are all about. I_icon_minitimeSun May 02, 2010 5:20 am

The shortlist on OSIRIS:

Ok well first off the basics, we are mostly from across Europe as far as numbers go however we are constantly gaining American players and tbh around 1/4 of our members are now probably American.(Not that this really matters)
We are an active AvA Agency constantly striving to better ourselves. We do participate in regular Merc/Arena/PvE however as most Agencies and Alliances in this game are focused on Conquest (AvA).

When we first started out we made our mark on Sovereign by hitting out at various Agencies, we quickly made friends with some of them and became part of the Gades Alliance
. This however didnt work out and was far too political for our liking so we left. We then continued to bash away at other Agencies and practice on our AvA routines. Shortly after we became part of SnG Alliance, this again was very political and whilst we enjoyed our time with these guys the majority of OSIRIS wished to move on so we did. We now remain a Solo Agency working continuously to improve our performance. As far as rules go we are fairly flexible however do not tollerate inactiveness or Trolling or abuse of City chat or any other channel.

Our Ranking system is based on how much effort players have made and contributed whilst in the Agency.
We have once Strikeforce leader per Strikeforce and his/her orders are final!

We work using a Ventrillo while in game and a large part of our socialising together is done there.

Further info can be found on the forums, any further questions can also be placed in the relevant threads and will be quickly addressed.
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OSIRIS-What we are all about.
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